Tracer SIENA GT-7 29" Chopper Stretch Cruiser Fat Tire Bikes 7-Speed

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Color: Matte Black
Speed: 7-Speed
Style: GT

Unique Vintage Style

Take charge of your bike cruising experience with the top-notch Siena 29 inch GT 7 speed chopper stretch cruiser. Featuring in immaculate combination of sturdy brakes, a superior spring saddle. Experience the satisfaction of smooth and effortless gear shifts along with the added comfort of saddle designed to maximize your leisure cruising fun.Siena is perfect for tooling around the neighborhood, park, or beach

Front 29x3.0"


With their distinctive black color and classic white sidewalls, These tires not only deliver a striking visual statement but also offer enhanced stability and traction.
With a generous 29-inch diameter and 3.0-inch width, these tires provide a plush and comfortable ride while ensuring a firm grip on a variety of terrains. Whether you're pedaling down the beach or cruising through city streets, the combination of the large size and classic white wall design sets your bike apart and adds a touch of vintage elegance to your riding experience.

Hi-ten steel Classical 800*380*22.2*1.4T

Classical &Stylish Design

Classical frame exudes a sense of design and elegance, seamlessly blending classic aesthetics with robust performance. This timeless Hi-ten steel frame is a jewel of bicycle design, not only carrying a sense of nostalgia but also offering outstanding durability.

The frame's design showcases intricate curves and details, radiating a delightful vintage atmosphere. This classic Hi-ten steel frame provides riders with a solid riding platform, capable of handling various riding conditions, from city streets to scenic beachfront.

Exceptional Power Transfer

The 170mm Alloy Crank Arm with a 46T chainring ensures exceptional power transfer, making your pedaling more efficient and effective on sandy beaches, city streets, and grassy fields. The longer crank arm provides increased leverage, converting more of your energy into forward momentum. This results in easier navigation on various terrains, from urban streets to challenging landscapes, enhancing your overall cycling experience.

High-rise Steel handlebar

Sit upright, unwind, and relish the ride

The Hi Handlebar's upright seating position is an ergonomic marvel, offering riders an unparalleled level of comfort. This posture not only alleviates the strain on the neck and back during rides but also minimizes wrist and shoulder fatigue. Riders can maintain a natural and relaxed posture, ensuring stable control and enjoyable cycling.

This upright seating position is particularly well-suited for long-distance rides, urban commuting, and leisurely cycling. Whether you're navigating city streets or exploring scenic landscapes, the Hi Handlebar's design guarantees that riders can effortlessly cruise and savor the joy of cycling. Sit upright, unwind, and relish the ride.

Vacuum elastic PVC leather high density PU foam with springs 

Exceptional Comfortable Ridding

The high-density PU foam provides plush and supportive cushioning, making your rides more comfortable, even on longer journeys.
The incorporation of springs in the saddle design adds an extra layer of shock absorption, reducing the impact of bumps and vibrations from the road. This results in a smoother and more comfortable riding experience.

Shimano 7-speed

Smooth shifting

The Shimano RD-TY300 7-speed rear derailleur is a reliable and efficient component for your bike's gearing system. Designed for smooth and precise shifting, it offers riders a versatile range of 7 speeds to tackle various terrains and riding conditions.

This rear derailleur is known for its durability and dependable performance, ensuring that your shifts are consistent and accurate. Whether you're climbing steep hills, cruising along flat paths, or picking up speed on descents, the Shimano RD-TY300 7-speed rear derailleur helps you maintain control and efficiency throughout your ride.

160mm Disc Brake

Efficient and reliable stopping power

The 160mm Disc Brake is a crucial component of your bike's braking system, designed to provide efficient and reliable stopping power. Its 160mm rotor size offers a balanced combination of braking performance and heat dissipation, ensuring your safety during rides.

This disc brake system delivers consistent and precise braking, allowing you to modulate your stopping power with confidence. Whether you're navigating steep descents, winding trails, or city streets, the 160mm Disc Brake provides dependable braking performance, giving you the control you need to ride safely.

Tech Specs

Product specification

Detailed parameter information about the product

  • FRAME: Tracer Hi-ten steel Classical 26*385mm
  • FORK: Tracer Steel 28.6*25.4 *222mm
  • SHOCK: N/A
  • HANDLEBAR :Hi Handlebar:Tracer Steel Hi-Rise 800*380*22.2*1.4T
  • STEM:Alloy 28.6x22.2mm Heavy Duty
  • HEADSET:Steel Diameter 1-1/8"*34*30, H=22.5mm
  • SEATPOST:Steel 28.6*200*1.4T
  • SADDLE : Vacuum elastic PVC leather high density PU foam with springs
  • PEDALS:One-piece PP
  • SHIFTERS:Shimano SL-RS35L 7-speed
  • BRAKE : Disc 160mm
  • CASSETTE:Shimano 28-34T 7-speed
  • CHAIN:C8 7-speed 1/2*3/32*186L
  • CRANKSET:Alloy/steel, Crank Arm Length: 170mm in Teeth Count: 46T
  • BOTTOM BRACKET:NECO Cartridge Steel 100x159.5mm100x159.5mm
  • RIMS:Alloy Wide 80mm 29*13G*36H Spoke wheelset
  • FRONT HUB :SF-A214F, 3/8"*13G*36H*135*175mm
  • REAR HUB:SF-A214A, 3/8"*13G*36H*170*210mm
  • SPOKES:13-gauge steel
  • TIRES:Black, 29x3.0"


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Customer Reviews

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Shad Henry
Sweet bike

This is one badass bike. I creeks a little in the front but overall I’m happy with this bike and it’s a head turner for sure.

Very good bike

My new 29" Siena GT-7

Very good bike

I love this stretch crusier bike very much .

Bijoux luv
Its worth the wait!

Its everything I expected and more i am very happy with it nice smooth ride and comfortable. Also love the colors

E. Lai
Well made great product

The price is a bit high for a pedal bike, but overall, it's solid and well built! Simple but classic and comfortable! Love the big tires and front springer! Awesome Father's day gift!