How do I find my nearest dealer?  

You can find your local Tracer Bikes by viewing the contact page or contact us at info@tracerbikes.com.

Can you repaint my TRACER bicycle?

We do not repaint bicycles or offer custom paint jobs at this time.

What is the warranty on my TRACER bike?

You can review our warranty policy here.

How can I tell if a specific new part will be compatible with my TRACER bike?

Bicycles use many different sizes and standards of components. It’s important that you purchase, and install parts that are correct for your frame. Understand the correct fit for parts requires significant knowledge and experience, and it is not possible to compress that into a web site FAQ answer. We strongly suggest that you consult a qualified mechanic or sales person at your local bike store, to ensure you get the right part.

I broke my derailleur hanger, where can I purchase a replacement?

Replacement derailleur hangers can be purchased through your local TRACER Bikes dealer or US customers can visit our online store. Have your bike's serial number and model name handy when contacting a dealer for your replacement part. This will help them order the correct part for you. Your serial number can be found underneath the frame around the bottom bracket (area of frame where the cranks are attached to the bike). A replacement hanger chart can be found on our resources page.

Is there free shipping?

*** There will be a flat shipping rate per bike for each order ***
Noted that the flat rate will be $100 for 26' Inches Bikes and $50 for 12' - 20' Inches Bikes. Free shipping applies to all bicycle purchases shipped to and picked up at your local participating Tracer USA dealer. After entering your shipping address in the checkout process, you will be presented with "In-Store Pickup" option. Items delivered via "In-Store Pickup" are shipped for free.

I bought a bike online with the "In-Store Pickup" delivery option - will I need to pay an assembly fee?

No, you will not need to pay an assembly fee at local participating Tracer USA dealers. When you get your bike delivered to your local participating Tracer USA dealer, it will be assembled by a professional bike mechanic for free. Please note local participating Tracer USA dealers may need an additional 2-3 business days to build up the bike. Be sure to call the local participating Tracer USA dealer to confirm when your bike will be ready for pick-up.

Can I pay for my order in-store instead of paying for it online?

Online orders are handled separately from in-store purchases. In order to secure your order and reserve your item, online orders can only be purchased and paid for online.

Can I pay with my debit card?

Online purchases can only be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Credit Cards. There is one exception to the rule: payment can also be made with a Visa Debit Card.

Can I have a bike shipped directly to my home?

Yes. We do offer shipping directly to your residential address.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can purchase online?

No, there is no maximum or minimum quantity of items purchased, or purchase amount required. As long there still inventory there are not limit to the quantity of the listed item.

When can I pick up my order at my local participating Tracer dealer? How will I know it's ready?

For "In-Store Pickup" orders with inventory currently available, you can pick up your item(s) within 24-48 hours, during store hours. Be sure to call the local participating Tracer Bikes dealer in advance if the item requires assembly. If the items are not currently available in-store, they will be shipped to the local participating Tracer Bikes dealer within 3 - 5 business days. Be sure to call the local participating dealer to confirm when your bike will be ready for pick-up.

Is there restock fees?

Bike returns incur a 15% of your purchase item. This restocking fee is applied to cover the shipment of the bike back to the manufacturer. You may exchange an "In-Store Pickup" order subject to availability.

What are the steps to process a request for return or exchange?

Please check for the full instruction here.